How To Get A Job At UPS

In this section, I am going to tell you how to get a job at UPS. These are going to be strictly entry-level jobs, but this is your foot in the door to a great company. There are three methods I know of that will work, with the third method being the most effective.

As a former employee, I have personal experience and can inform you how to get a job at UPS without all of the bullshit. So, let’s get right to it.

How To Get A Job At UPS: Apply Directly

This isn’t the easiest way to get in, but it can be done.

First, go to the UPS hiring website, choose a country, and click on ‘Job Search’. Enter your zip code with a mileage radius and see if they have any openings. Click to apply.

I find that even though they have an opening listed, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are currently hiring. If you happen to apply while they are hiring, you will be prompted to schedule an interview right after the application is submitted. If they are not hiring, they will say that they have no current interview times available.

Unless you got to schedule an interview during the application, you probably won’t hear back from them. It is best to submit an application during a time when they are hiring, which brings me to method number two.

How To Get A Job At UPS: Apply To Indeed Job Postings

This process is almost the same as method one, but instead of blindly applying to their website, we’re going to apply through their posts. When a UPS center is truly looking for help, they will put out requests to job searching websites. While they don’t always use, Indeed ALWAYS picks them up, so you will find them there.

First, go to and enter your zip or city. Find a UPS job in your area and follow the links to apply (see method one).

Make sure to filter your job search so that the job posting is still relatively new. After UPS schedules so many interviews, they stop taking them, even though the post is still active online.

The best way to stay updated on new jobs is to sign up for a free Indeed account and set up alerts to email you when a new job gets posted. That way you can apply right away and basically guarantee yourself an interview.

Getting an interview isn’t always guaranteed to get you a job, though. UPS always interviews a bunch of potential employees, which brings me to the most proven method to getting your foot in the door to this great company in method three.

How To Get A Job At UPS: Get A Temp Job

UPS has its busy and slow times of the year. Obviously the busiest time is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they also need extra help in the summertime. UPS seasonal jobs are available two times per year: Holidays and Summer.

At the beginning of summer each year, UPS drivers are beginning to use all of their stored vacation days. This opens the door for new people to fill in with a summer temp job at UPS. They generally hire a few loaders/pre-loaders and a couple of drivers to help with the void created by vacationing drivers.

During the Holiday season, UPS is extra busy and needs all of the help they can get. They hire many temp positions including drivers, loaders/pre-loaders, and driver helpers.

To land one of these temp positions, follow method two (above) by tracking opening through For holiday openings, start watching at the end of October. For summer positions, watch at the beginning of May. Apply right away and get hired. They will schedule you for an interview, which is basically just a meeting where they tell you that you’re hired.

I recommend getting a driver helper position, as this is a fun job on the road with a driver running packages to homes and businesses. This position also pays very well. See the video for details.

So how does this temp job turn into a regular job at UPS?

During your time as a temp, they will grade you on your performance, without your direct knowledge. Perform well and you will be on a short list of people who can practically walk in the door when they need a regular position filled. Make sure to work hard and be ON TIME every day and you will have it made.

Shortly after your time as a temp employee ends, set up Indeed job alerts and apply to the first position you see at your UPS center. If you got a good review from your time as a temp, you will be hired for sure.

Once you get in and have a regular job at UPS, it’s time to decide whether you want to become a UPS driver.

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